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Consulting and execution services to help find your  “gold” — the best things about your business – to achieve the growth you’ve always wanted. 

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Marketing should never feel like an expensive experiment

We provide hand-tailored strategies that deliver profitable results.

  • Break the cycle of discouragement and overwhelm
  • Stop wondering if you might have to close your doors
  • Instead, see measurable growth with marketing that works

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Do what you love instead of feeling burdened with marketing.

Through our consulting and execution services, we will help you…


Get clear on your position, purpose, and message


Use the strategies that attract loyal customers

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Enjoy working in your business again

Why we are different

We know how to build successful businesses from scratch. We’ve made many mistakes ourselves, so we can help you avoid them.

Running your own business should be fun. That’s why we help businesses “find their gold”—the best things about their business that will get them back on track for the growth they’ve always wanted.


  • We’ve worked through the immense learning curve of marketing and know what works.
  • We’re a diverse team with creative depth and talent.
  • We’ve been growing successful businesses for more than two decades.

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Growing a Business Is Easier Than You Think

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We’ll learn more about your business and create a hand-tailored plan to generate more revenue.

Follow the Proven Path

We’ll create a customized marketing playbook that delivers the results you want. 

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See Business Growth

With a solid marketing plan, you’ll watch your sales increase and feel the burden lift. 

Stop Guessing What To Do Next

At Mountain Path Marketing, we know you want to be a well-known business in your local community. To do that, you need effective marketing done right. The problem is, “traditional” marketing methods aren’t working and you don’t know what to try next. That can make you feel discouraged and fearful about the future.

We believe . . .

  • Every small business has “gold”—the best things about the business. The business needs to find this gold and the world needs to know about it.
  • Marketing should never feel like a waste of money. And we understand the frustration which comes when things don’t turn out the way you hoped. 
  • The burden of marketing shouldn’t be a distraction that pulls your focus from helping others with your products and services.

We’re ready to help, so why keep struggling on your own?

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Let’s Start Something new
Let’s Find your gold!

Small business owners often struggle to see business growth, and they’re unsure how to attract more customers. At Mountain Path, we provide hand-tailored marketing services to help our clients find and communicate their “gold” so they can get back on track for the growth they’ve always wanted to achieve. 

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